About Us

About Us

TRIO INDUSTRIAL (ASIA) LIMITED is an experimental and reliable manufacturer for all kind of Paper Packaging, Trimming and a Wide Collection of Accessories. 

The company located its well-equipped advanced facilities in Shenzhen, China.  When the company first started in late 1980, it focused mainly in garment trimming offering a range of products from hangtags, woven labels, printed labels, paper stickers, paper boxes and paper bags. 

With the continuously expansion of technique over the past 30 years, the company has become very professional in making and producing all kind of items for Manufacturing industries (Garment industry / Cosmetic industry / Toy industry) to Advertising industries - making use of its production facilities and spreading the business across multiple market segments.  


T - Top Quality

R - Responsible

I -  Innovation

O - On Time Delivery


Using our expertise, we provide hassle free and solution to our partners both local and overseas.  We named our clients partners – as we believe each partner must understand and accept the importance of the agreed upon goals.  Which will leads to improve co-ordination.

We shares the thought and the makin process are also essential as partners work towards the customer purpose

Whether they are simple packaging or material tags, we love to put the ideas together and help the brand to pass on “the message” to target audience.